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Are you the owner of a holiday accommodation place in North Devon? Here is an opportunity to promote your place to a wider audience! This page allows you to submit a promotional description of your place for everyone to see.

Please submit your promotional description of the holiday accommodation you own by using the form below. If one does not already exist, a page will be created especially for your place. Later you can encourage your holiday accommodation guests to post their comments beneath your description. In addition you will be able to add your promotional photos to the page.

We strongly recommend planning your text well. Vary your sentence length but always keep sentences pretty short. Make good use of paragraphs. Check your spelling and take care over your punctuations. The whole idea is to make your description easily read and understood on a computer screen or even a mobile phone screen.

This web site is moderated. The descriptions and other details will be checked on. You will find our important Policy Statements about submissions at the bottom of the page.

A comfirmation email for your submission will be sent to you automatically once you've successfully got it submitted. The email will include a link to a page where you can upload a photo to accompany your description.

If later you want to add a paragraph to your description you can do so by filling out this form again with the new paragraph. Submit and it will appear added at the end of your description.

Form for creating your review

Remaining characters: 2000

Submission Acceptance Policies

We reserve the right to edit your description in respect to spelling, grammar, length, and organization. We also reserve the right, on rare occasions, not to use it at all.

We require your genuine email address to verify your submission. Your email address will not appear with your description or anywhere else on the site.

Your submission of a description is taken as your permission to use it on this website. Please do not submit any descriptions that depict, describe or identify people other than yourselves because we can't publish them without their permission.

Keep your description to or below the maximum character/word length stated on the form. Share items or things you believe will promote your place. It might be useful to say things about the welcome, the ambiance, the cleanliness, the comfort, the facilities, the location, the local area and more.


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